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User VHosting

Posted by on August 30, 2006 | No comments

So, previously, I detailed how to do web virtual hosting to directories on the file system. This is all well and good, but I want to have users pidgeon holed into their own directories, plus I want users own websites to be stored under their own directories in a similar format to that used in the previous article (eg. /home/user/web/

The problem lies with mapping domain names ( onto user accounts (Alice? Bob?). This is where Apache and mod_rewrite come to the rescue again. On Wintermute I’ve installed Apache 2, but this recipe will work just as well with Apache 1.3. » Read the full post

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So, to reiterate – the main server (Wist) will hold all my own stuff, then I’ll be creating a user Virtual Server (Wintermute) on top of that for users to play with and/or break. All the user stuff is backended in a Xoops database using Xoops groups.

Wist is installed with Debian Sarge using a custom kernel including the vserver patches from Debian. This sort of thing is detailed elsewhere so I won’t go over it again here.

The core server software (all from the Debian archive) will include: Apache 1.3 with PHP4, Apache-SSL, Bind, MySQL 4.1, Exim4, ClamAV and Dovecot (I’ll be detailing the email setup seperately) » Read the full post

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Debian on ancient hardware

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26th August 2002

So, I’ve got my hands on a Toshiba T1910CS

The specs when I got it were along these lines:
33MHz 486
12MB RAM (4MB onboard, 8MB on an expansion card stolen from a fax machine)
200MB Hard Drive
1.4MB Floppy Drive
3Com EtherLink III 3C589D-TP PCMCIA Card for 10Base-T

Windows 95b, taking up whole drive.

(NB: at this point I had Windows drivers for the pcmcia network card, but as the install process requests lots of Files off a Win95 CD, which I don’t have and if I did, transferring the files by floppy would be ridiculously time consuming…)

And I’m going to install Linux on it. More specifically, Debian Woody (which recently became the Stable release).

I know your thinking “Are you mad???” » Read the full post

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