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Quick “cheat sheet” of my ongoing personal projects:


I’ve released some stuff over on my Github page, and I’m trying to find time to complete some of my more long term projects over there.


Website for gothy and alternative types in Aberdeen. Built on Xoops
Its more than a website. Theres an entire server that backends onto the database for this site. Users can have webspace, email and a bunch of other stuff all driven by their Xoops permissions.
I’m a founder member of the Zerof8 Consortium.

The stated goal of the project is to filter the signal from the noise in this electronic era. To look behind the political spin and provide a central resource to examine freedoms and restrictions that can be understood by those without a degree in politics or computer science.

The concept behind this website is a script polls various RSS news feeds and posts links of interest. Also, people can post their own links in a style. Spent a while on the look and feel of the site. Its now waiting on me spending some time on making the auto-approval of links a bit more intelligent. And finding some better RSS sources…

Oh My Goth
So I got the domain name a couple of years ago. The goal is to provide people with web addresses for free. I sort of fiddled about with it a bit but never managed to get anywhere with it. The plan is to do nameserver delegation for those that want it and “transparent” redirection for those that want to host on Yahoo!, Tripod or wherever. I may even do a wee bit of free hosting, but that depends on demand for it and other demands on my time. For now, theres nothing there.

Xoops Modules

I inherited this project from Dave_L and have done some further hacking on it adding preliminary support for rated games. Unfortunately, Real Lifeā„¢ has taken over and I’ve not had any further time to devote to it.

Icecast2 Authentication
Quick module I knocked together that lets you authenticate listeners to Icecast2 streams against a Xoops userbase. I did code in authentication for broadcasters, but I think that came from some dev copy of the docs for Icecast as the stable version didn’t support it.

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