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Posted by on September 18, 2007

In response to the amount of comments I’ve had (which are way way more than I was ever expecting!) on my Exchange Mailbox Recovery article, I’ve written a script to convert your guids from the bad format that exmerge gives you to the one thats required for updating the user account.

You can access it here. Please leave any feedback on this post.

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  • Thanks for the tips! You turned an arduous mountain of mailbox restores for a legal effort in to a considerably more simple task. Thanks!

  • Hi, great work. I have been mulling over this issue for a couple of weeks now and then stumbled upon this article which relates exactly to the issue I am having, so thank you for sparing the time to document how this can be resolved. I am stuck though, I seem to be having an issue downloading your tool to translate the guid to hex. Is this tool still available or is the link broken? Please let me know as I am determined not to let this beat me and I feel I am close.

    Thank you again.

  • Hi Gogz – it’s not a download… you paste your GUID into the box and it converts it for you online.

  • thanks, dude, this converter saved the day!!!

  • I have been using your article since 2007. But today I got stuck again. I have Exchange server 2003 users which has been migrated to Ex2010 and user need backup from old server 2003. I tried to get traditional method to extract the data from RSG but not posible. I also come to know there are no guid showing for that user as it has migreted so it would have new guid or will have same guid. But as user has been migrated so I am unable to restore user data. Any guide will be apreciable.

  • Sorry folks, I’m not as involved with Exchange these days, and this article was about Exchange 2003, not 2010 or 2013 which no longer rely on exmerge and have their own built in mailbox export functionality I’ve used, but never had to fight with!

  • I’m still supporting Exchange 2K3 and this tool saved me quite a lot of time and hassle. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • HOW TO CONVERT IT 9\D2A\E3\8A\0B\C5N\88\D9\23\11\7B\00\D8

  • i’m not able to convert 🙁
    please help

  • Hi Ramzi,

    That’s a GUID, not the type of string that the old exmerge used to generate.

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